Viking Athlete MASSIVE Delts Training Program PDF
  • Viking Athlete MASSIVE Delts Training Program PDF

    An in depth training program designed and used by Joshua to build the most massive delts possible in 8-weeks.


    This 8-week training phase is one that he has personally used time and time again with great success.

    This is also the same program Joshua puts many of his clients on to add the maximum amount of size to their delts in the shortest period of time.

    Results do not happen over night, but you can be sure that if the right hard work and dedication are put into following this program then noticeable results in muscle size will be achieved by the end of the training phase!


    It includes an 8 week training program with clearly defined sets, reps and weight percentages.

    It also includes reasoning, and details involving volume, rest days, growth response, frequency, intensity, supps for mass and more.




    • 8-Week Training Program

    • Hardcore Delts Workouts

    • Workouts for Remaining Muscle Groups- (Chest, Legs, Back, & Arms)

    • Dynamic- Changes from Week to Week

    • Easy To Follow Sets, Reps & Percentages


    Also Includes:


    • Supps Suggestions

    • Rest Periods

    • Sleep Advice

    • Training Frequency

    • Training Intensity

    • Nutrition Advice

    • Hydration Advice

    • Training Volume

    • Training Growth Response

    • Keys To Mass


    24pg eBook/PDF


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