Viking Athlete 10 Rules for MASS (Nutrition) PDF

Viking Athlete 10 Rules for MASS (Nutrition) PDF


Muscles won't grow? Lots of effort in the gym, but little to no size gains? Gaining mass is hard for so many, but the good news is one or more of the issues you have been experiencing is likely in this eBook. More importantly it contains information on how to fix them!

This eBook contains 67 Pages of information from an expert with 15+ years experience on the subject.

These 10 Rules have been compiled through personal experience, experience with clients and continual education and research on what works and what doesn't. 

These 10 Rules apply to anyone looking to gain mass and add as much muscle to their frame as possible. Bodybuilders, powerlifters, strongmen and sports specific athletes of all types have benefitted from these Rules. 

Basically, whether you are an athlete looking to put on extra size to dominate in the upcoming season or just looking to build an extra impressive set of arms, delts, etc; then this eBook can benefit you!

67pg eBook/PDF


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