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Developed and formulated exclusively for Muscle Pirate by CEO Joshua "The Viking" Crews. (Instagram: @joshuathevikingcrews )


"I could use any preworkout formula in the world, and MUTINY is the one I choose for maximum performance in and out of the gym. The mental clarity alone is a MASSIVE bonus for me. The lean muscle gains I have achieved with MUTINY just over the last few months have made me extremely happy!" - Joshua


MUTINY by Muscle Pirate was designed for the hardcore athlete looking to push their workouts to the next level with the best scientifically researched ingredients in high dosages for maximum performance.


Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (12.5g)

Servings Per Container: 30


Amount Per Serving

Citrulline Malate 2:1     6,000mg

Beta Alanine                4,000mg

Creatine HCL                  750mg

L-Tyrosine                      500mg

Caffeine                         250mg

L-Norvaline                     100mg

Noopept                          20mg


Ingredients and why:


Citruline Malate-


Although a nonessential amino acid, citrulline malate has many uses to athletes beyond that of protein synthesis. Once ingested, citrulline is converted directly into L-arginine by way of the kidneys. What this means is it is a tremendously more effective and potent way of increasing L-arginine, and therefore nitric oxide in the body,


The effects of elevated levels of nitric oxide flowing through the body are astounding. Both aerobic AND anaerobic muscular energy is increased. This creates the potential for greater output which leads to greater strength, speed, power and endurance. This effect is very noticeable, but perhaps even more noticeable are the skin splitting pumps that can be achieved with enhanced nitric oxide levels. These pumps do not just give an immediate ego boost, but actually transport more nutrient rich blood to the very muscle fibers an athlete is actively breaking down. What this means is reduced post-training fatigue and soreness, and a shortened recovery time.


Beta Alanine-


Another nonessential amino acid, beta alanine is another nutrient that is of great importance to athletes in terms of endurance and delaying the onset of muscular fatigue. Beta alanine is one of two nutrients the body uses to produce carnosine, a substance that is highly concentrated in both muscle and brain cells.


The body produces its own bet alanine naturally, but supplementing with it in much higher doses yields noticable results in terms of overall muscular ouput. This is usually most notable in rep ranges which are ideal for muscle anabolism. In other words, when supplemented with properly it will help increase the number of reps one is capable of, thus leading to greater muscle breakdown, and ultimately greater size and strength once properly recovered.


Creatine HCL-


Creatine is one of the most studied sports supplements in history, and is one of a short list that has shown statistically significant results in study after study for decades.


Your body naturally stores creatine in its muscles, and then uses it for energy in its ATP system. The more ATP, the more energy. The more creatine stored, the more ATP. See the pattern?


Like other nutrients that increase energy and the bodies power output, creatine increases an athletes performance by allowing them to do more. More strength, power, speed and endurance will be experienced in both the short and long term. This of course leads to greater muscle size and strength over time.


Creatine also has a propensity to hydrate, or hold water and swell. This adds to the bodies ability to perform beyond its previous capabilities, but it also causes the muscle fibers themselves to "enlarge" to some degree when fully hydrated. This effect will of course diminish or go away entirely if not fully hydrated, and/or creatine supplementation is dscontinued.


Creatine comes in many forms. The most common is monohydrate, but many believe the best is HCL or hydrochloride. Both forms will aid in achieving the same overall results, but since HCL is molecularly bound with hydrochloric acid it is tremendously more soluble. This means it is absorbed quicker and easier in the body, and therefore does not need the same large dosages to achieve the same enhanced results.




Tysosine is yet another amino acid that plays a huge role in athletic performance, and overall daily activity. Instead of effecting the muscles directly however, tyrosine works as chemical messengers in the brain in conditions like mental alertness. Effectively dosing tyrosine can lead to increased learning, memory and alertness. This is especially true in highly stressful conditions such as heavy physical exertion through weight training, sports activities, etc.




Caffeine is a well known yet often underappreciated ingredient in supplements, but it is used because it works well and fast. It is a psychoactive substance that can be found naturally occuring in many foods. It acts as a stimulant on the central nervouse system, and measurabley boosts both physical and mental performance when dosed correctly.




Derived from the amino acid valine, L-Norvaline is used to increase performance in multiple ways. It supports the bodies use of Argine, which is of course important for nitric oxide. However, L-Norvaline has shown to boost performance beyond the physical. Many studies have now not only linked the supplementation with greater cognitive ability, but it is now being shown that it may prevent cognitive decline and therefore be integral to the future prevention/care for Alzheimer's disease.




Noopept is a popular ingredient classified as a nootropic. A nootropic is a substance that is used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions. These functions are of the highest level such as creativity, memory and motivation. One can quickly see how any, and all of these help boost an athletes performance in training, competitions and even day to day tasks and life.