Assembling/Filling Your KETTLEBELL

Grab your heavy duty KETTLEBELL bag

Note the fill line on the back side

Using the top opening, fill your bag with play sand to the fill line on the back.

It will now look like this

Turn the bag so that the logo is facing you

Take the top end, and begin to roll down/away from you as tightly as you can

As you roll, about halfway down you will notice some air build up inside

Simply hold tightly and press down slowly until the air has been removed (you may have to do this a few times as you roll down) 

Roll all the way down until tight

Grab the buckle and insert

Product should now look like this

Grab your wrap that came in bag

Wrap around handle and velcro

Your finished sand-filled KETTLEBELL is now ready to use!

PRO TIP- We like to wrap several layers of black duct tape around the handle to make things even sturdier, and build the handle up to whatever size we want. This can be done over or under the neoprene wrap.

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