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Did you know most people (including coaches) have no idea where to start when it comes to gaining maximum muscle and strength for football because they just don't have the true experience and expertise? 

Here’s the problem you face: you have the drive, desire and skill to be the best on the team; but just don’t have enough size and strength to really be the powerhouse superstar you know deep down you are capable of.

Which means you will keep getting over shadowed by the players who have more strength and size, and keep sitting on the bench when you know good and well your are more than deserving of more game time.

Not only will you be missing out on your true potential, but you will be passed over or not even considered when it comes to an amazing college scholarship that will pay for your entire future education.

Even worse, you could quite literally miss out on your dream of making it to the pros just because you lack the size and strength which you absolutely need.

Instead you will be stuck in an average job making average money.

I mean shoot, worst guy in the NFL who will never get any playing time makes $610,000 per year, and that is not including endorsement deals, paid appearances, etc...

To put things in perspective, it would take the average salaried American approximately 12 years to make that much money!

If only you had more size and strength...

Luckily for you, there’s a solution! Let me introduce to you my proven MASS & STRENGTH coaching program, an incredible sport specific training plan that helps any athlete gain more size and strength in record time!

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Inside you will learn the secrets of how to:

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The supplements for maximum recovery, strength gains and ultimate muscle size (Rule #9)


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Joshua "The Viking" Crews


Joshua Crews, also known as "The Viking" is a 6'8" 300+lb Texas based athlete, actor and sports performance specialist.

He is recognized for having made a living his entire career from being exceptionally massive and powerful. This has included playing professional sports, training with the WWE and portraying a muscled up Viking in film, among other things.

He has worked in the sports & fitness industry with athletes and performers from American Gladiators, Hollywood Stuntmen, Professional Bull Fighters, MLB Superstars, Country Music Stars and WWE Recruits just to name a few.

He has been featured on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN Radio, CBS, The Golf Channel & more.

He is the former Founder & Co-Owner of BRUTE Golf, and the current Co-Owner and CEO of the company Muscle Pirate.