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10 Rules for MASS- Nutrition

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Joshua "The Viking" Crews


Joshua Crews, also known as "The Viking" is a 6'8" 300+lb Texas based athlete, actor and sports performance specialist.

He is recognized for having made a living his entire career from being exceptionally massive and powerful. This has included playing professional sports, training with the WWE and portraying a muscled up Viking in film, among other things.

He has worked in the sports & fitness industry with athletes and performers from American Gladiators, Hollywood Stuntmen, Professional Bull Fighters, MLB Superstars, Country Music Stars and WWE Recruits just to name a few.

He has been featured on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN Radio, CBS, NBC & more.

He has a Master's Degree from SHSU, as well as multiple certifications.

He is the Owner of VIKING Sports Performance, and the Co-Owner and CEO of the company Muscle Pirate.