10 Rules for MASS

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Whether you are an athlete looking for that edge to increase performance, or you are just trying to add some extra muscle for the upcoming beach season...

MUSCLE MASS can be the deciding factor.

MASS can be the difference between:


Getting playing time or SITTING on the bench...

Getting the full ride SCHOLARSHIP or just another face in the crowd...

Going PRO or forever wondering what could have been...

Getting NOTICED by your gym crush or just another boring night in front of the TV. 

Chances are you have been putting in the work, but you are just not seeing the RESULTS from all of that time spent in the gym.

To say this is incredibly FRUSTRATING is an understatement, and we have all been there... INCLUDING MYSELF!

The thing is there is a definite RIGHT WAY and a definite WRONG WAY to gain mass, and most people NEVER figure it out.

This is not surprising at all considering gaining mass is a SCIENCE with an incredible amount to it!

The good news is just that, it is a science... Meaning people do not just get massive muscles by STUMBLING into it by accident or having the best GENES in the world.

The reality is the massively JACKED guys and gals in the gym might not even have as good of genetics as YOU.

After all, even those with the BEST genes in the world (think of your favorite bodybuilder or jacked athlete) have to get their workouts, nutrition, recovery and more dialed in to the max to be the "GENETIC FREAKS" they are known for.

This kind of knowledge will take YEARS to figure out, and most NEVER truly do.


I have literally spent The last 22 YEARS researching, learning being my own test subject and even acquiring more degrees and certs than a thermometer! 

I have used this information to TRANSFORM countless people into better athletes, with better physiques.

I have even transformed my own physique into being one of the BIGGEST athletes in the World...

20190913_141511-01 (1).jpeg
20190913_135144-01 (1).jpeg

To think that a naturally skinny guy who had been that way since he was a kid could put on the kind of MASS to keep up with quite literally the largest athletes in sports!

ZomboDroid 24032020141742.jpg

Want to know how much of an ATTENTION GETTER mass can be? I was singled out and recruited by the WWE at the Mr. Olympia convention among literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of the best physiques in the World!

That REALLY puts it into perspective...


Gaining muscle mass can quite literally be a LIFE CHANGER!

This is one of the big reasons I help people better themselves.

I give them all of the tools they need to achieve their dream physique and ultimate goals without having to spend 22 years in the gym researching, learning, becoming educated on any and every aspect of gaining muscle mass.

Piggy back off of my experience and education instead!

This is also why I have decided to offer The 10 Rules for MASS eBook absolutely free to anyone who wants it.

It is a well rounded 67 page PDF eBook that will get you started in the right direction.


Even if you are already doing some of the things in this free eBook right then I would bet there is probably at least one, if not more things in it that might just help you make some quality progress and mass gains quicker and easier than before.

Knowledge is POWER!

In this free download of The 10 Rules for MASS you will discover:

  1.     How To Approach Total Calories   

  2. How Much Protein Is Really Needed

  3. How Carbs Should Be Taken Advantage Of

  4. How Fats Can Be A Game Changer

  5. How Micronutrients Effect Gains

  6. How To Get In More Calories Before Getting Full

  7. How Hydration Plays A Bigger Role Than You Think

  8. How Nutrient Timing Can Make Or Break Mass Gains

  9. How Certain Supplements Are Better For Gaining Mass

  10. How Making The Right Adjustments Is Key       

This free download is my way of GIVING BACK a little by sharing with others a few pieces of knowledge that could substantially help them get to where they want to go. 


If you find this knowledge packed eBook helpful at all then keep in mind that I am here for you with both customized consulting and training plans for every single aspect of fitness that is tailored and customized 100% to your unique individual needs.

So download this bad boy and start making some gainz!

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